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Vintage Film Camera Kit | Coronet Twelve-20 + Roll Of Expired Film

Vintage Film Camera Kit | Coronet Twelve-20 + Roll Of Expired Film

A beautiful vintage camera from the 1950s, this Coronet. Twelve-20 is amazing to experiment with film photography & to take a step back into the past.

Manufacturer : Coronet
Produced : 1950
Classification : Medium Format
Body Type : Pseudo twin lens reflex box
Construction : Metal, Cardboard, Plastic
Film Type : 120/620
Film Width : 62mm
Image Size : 2¼ x 2¼
No. of Images : 12
Lens Type : Meniscus
Focal Length : 75mm
Focus Type : Variable
Focal Range : 7ft - Inf.
Aperture Type : fixed
Apertures : f/16
Shutter Type : Rotary
Shutter Speeds : T/I(1/25s)
Size (w x h x d) : 95 x 120 x 87 mm
Weight : 400g

The Coronet Twelve-20 colour-filter model had a variety of designs having different functions available. Functions included variable focus, lime green filter and variable aperture. The one shown above is the colour filter model. It can be described as a pseudo twin lens reflex camera. It isn't a true TLR because the top lens is just part of the viewfinder and does not aid focussing.

The body construction is a metal frame and sides, with the front, back, top and bottom made of cardboard. It has a plastic box internally covering the mechanism. The reflex style brilliant viewfinder give a fairly clear image. The viewfinder is provided with a cover.

This model has a T/I shutter. The time mode is selected by pulling out a tab on the side. Another tab is used to select the lime green filter. There is a lever on the front that can be moved to two positions to change the focus. The two positions are annotated 'Dist' and 'Near'.

A turn-key on the side releases the other side of the camera to load the film. Film advance is by a knob on the side and exposures are counted using a red window which has a swinging metal cover. The camera has a dual purpose spindle drive and will accept both 120 and 620 formats. It does not have a tripod mount.

The camera has been fully tested & is in great working order, plus comes supplied with a roll of expired film, so you're ready to head out & shoot straight away!

Returns accepted within 14 days if there is an issue with the camera.

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