About Expired Film Club

Hi, I'm Miles, and I like to look at the world through a vintage lens.

I started Expired Film Club in 2021 (during the p*ndemic) as a way to escape from the world a little bit. There's nothing more therapeutic to me than taking a film camera off into the woods and immersing myself in shooting a roll of film, or two... or five...

Anyway, I then started documenting my film photography journey on social media. I began experimenting with ever-more weird & wonderful cameras & film, and it seemed that people found it interesting. Fast forward to 2023 and I now have 2m+ followers across my social media channels, where I post the results from my film shoots, particularly specialising in sport and music.

I love travelling with my cameras in hand and photographing beautiful locations and interesting activities across the world to showcase on my social media channels. If you'd like to get in touch about collaborating on a shoot, click the button below & let's connect!

As I started discovering more & more amazing old cameras & film, I thought it would also be really cool to offer the cream of the crop on a store, so that other people could experience the joy of using these old film cameras too, and the EFC store was born.

All the items you see for sale on this store have been hand-checked and tested by myself, and they're all things that I genuinely love to use. I hope that you do too!

Miles x

WATCH: How To Shoot Expired Film

Frequently answered questions

Why shoot expired film?

Film that's expired reacts in different and unique ways when exposed. Some rolls can bring out crazy colours, others can have beautiful exaggerated grain, and some can just be plain weird! That is the beauty of shooting expired film - you're never quite sure what you will get when the photos are developed, but every time it's a different and wonderful result.

Can expired film be developed normally?

Yes! There is nothing that should stop a roll of expired film being developed using the regular methods. It might be worth ‘pushing’ the development by a stop or two to aid the film - you can ask your lab to do this for you, or do it yourself by increasing developing time.

Where do I get expired film developed?

Any film development lab should be able to process your film. Personally I use Analogue Wonderland

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