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35mm Film Camera Kit | Pentax SF7 + 35-80mm Lens, Leather Case, Roll Of Expired Film

35mm Film Camera Kit | Pentax SF7 + 35-80mm Lens, Leather Case, Roll Of Expired Film

Perfect for those wanting to get started with 35mm film photography, or for those who want a simple but beautiful SLR, this camera is very easy to use and produces great results.

The SF7 (SF10 in some territories) is an autofocus 35mm film SLR made by Pentax, from 1988. It is intended for use with Pentax 'F' series (KAF lenses. It offers several exposure modes:

  • A-series (KA) lenses support most functions, including shutter-priority and programmed AE.
  • M-series (simple K mount) lenses do not support shutter-priority or programmed AE.
  • 42 mm screw-mount lenses (with a screw-to-K-mount adapter) can be used; the camera switches to stop-down metering. No AE modes can be used.

Auto-focus can be used with any of the K mounts if they are mounted with the AF Adpater 1.7X, provided the lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or wider. In manual focus, the focus indicators in the viewfinder work for any of these lenses with maximum aperture of f/5.6 or wider. Neither auto-focus or the focus indicators work with screw-mount lenses.

Settings are displayed in an LCD panel on the rear of the prism, and selected using a mode button (to the left of the prism) and a selector switch(knurled wheel-like switch next to the shutter release) to adjust the settings within each mode. The mode is selected by pressing the switch to the left or right, while pressing the mode button. Settings within each mode are then adjusted using the selector switch.

The camera has a vertical-travel focal plane shutter, with speeds between 30 seconds and 1/2000 second in AE; 1 second - 1/2000 second, plus 'B', in manual. There is no conventional cable release socket; an electronic cable release is available for use with 'B' and other slow shutter speeds. Flash synchronisation is at 1/100 second. The camera is compatible with a range of dedicated Pentax flashes, and supports programmed auto flash or TTL metered flash according to the flash's capabilities. There is a small folding built-in flash (Guide Number 12 in metres at ISO 100). There is a flash-ready indicator in the viewfinder. There is a hot shoe, behind the shutter release.

The camera reads DX-coded 35 mm film, and accepts speeds between ISO 25 and ISO 5000. If non-DX-coded film is loaded, the speed is set to ISO 100.

Auto-focus is switchable, with a switch on the left of the lens mount.

The camera has a built-in film motor winder. A button next to the mode button selects between single-frame and continuous shooting, and also controls the self-timer. Powered film rewind is not automatic (there is a switch and button for rewind on the base).

It comes supplied with a roll of expired 35mm film for that extra vintage look, so you're ready to shoot as soon as it arrives.

Fully tested and working. Returns accepted within 14 days of delivery if there is an issue with the camera.

*Camera requires 1 x 2CR5 battery (not included).
*NB - Roll of film may differ from shown.

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